7 - shinobxr_app()

Théo Tacail


Full documentation and tutorials can be found on the isobxr website.

Plots with shinobxr_app

Calling the Shiny app

The shinobxr_app function calls a shiny app plotting interface (html interface accessible with any type of internet browser).

This app allows to create many plots with a series of options for all outputs given by compose_isobxr, sweep_steady & sweep_dyn functions.

This is notably very useful for the complex outputs of sweep_steady & sweep_dyn functions.

The shinobxr_app function needs to access the output data files produced by the aforementioned functions. These outputs thus need to be saved locally on a working directory, by setting the argument save_run_outputs = TRUE in the compose_isobxr, sweep_steady & sweep_dyn functions (default is FALSE).

# define workdir in which the output files were saved,
# containing SERIES directories with names starting with:
# 3_CPS, 4_STD or 4_DYN
# for instance:
workdir <- "/Users/username/Documents/any_directory_of_your_choice/1_ABC_tutorial"

# Launch the shiny app

User interface for plot editing

Full description of the shiny app is available here.