The dccpp R Package

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Fast computation of the distance covariance dcov and distance correlation dcor. The computation cost is only O(n log(n)) for the distance correlation (see Chaudhuri, Hu, 2019, arXiv, elsevier). The functions are written entirely in C++ to speed up the computation.


Install from CRAN

The CRAN release is currently under preparation.

Install from GitHub

You can install the latest stable release from GitHub using:

# install.packages("remotes")


dcor(x, y) # To calculate the distance correlation
dcov(x, y) # To calculate the distance covariance

Contributions and Issues

Feel free to raise an issue if you find something not working properly.

You are also very welcome to contribute to dcccp. Please base your pull requests on the development branch. Note that this package focuses on performance, PR’s that improve the performance are particularly welcome.


GNU General Public License (≥ 3)