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Penalised regression with multiple sets of prior effects

Improves the predictive performance of ridge and lasso regression exploiting one or more sources of prior information on the importance and direction of effects.


Install the current release from CRAN:

#install.packages("transreg") # not yet released!

or the latest development version from GitHub or GitLab:

remotes::install_github("lcsb-bds/transreg") # upstream
remotes::install_github("rauschenberger/transreg") # fork
remotes::install_gitlab("bds/transreg",host="") # mirror


The code for reproducing the simulations and applications shown in the manuscript is available in a vignette ( After installing the package with remotes::intall_github("lcsb-bds/transreg",build_vignettes=TRUE) and restarting R, the vignette can also be loaded with vignette(topic="analysis",package="transreg").


Armin Rauschenberger AR, Zied Landoulsi ZL, Mark A. van de Wiel MvdW, and Enrico Glaab EG (2022). ‘Penalised regression with multiple sets of prior effects’. Manuscript in preparation. (arXiv: 2212.08581)


The R package transreg implements penalised regression with multiple sources of prior effects (Rauschenberger et al., 2022).

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