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Confirmatory Adaptive Clinical Trial Design, Simulation, and Analysis.

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The rpact user group

The rpact project has an active user group consisting of decision-makers and users from the pharmaceutical industry and CROs, who meet regularly and, e.g., discuss best practices.

We invite you to be part of the rpact user group: benefit from know-how, shape open source development in Pharma!

Use on corporate computer systems

Please contact us to learn how to use rpact on FDA/GxP-compliant validated corporate computer systems and how to get a copy of the formal validation documentation that is customized and licensed for exclusive use by your company, e.g., to fulfill regulatory requirements. The validation documentation contains the personal access data for performing the installation qualification with testPackage().


For more information please visit

For more information please visit

  1. The rpact validation documentation is available exclusively for our customers and supporting members. For more information visit↩︎