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rdoc = help + tools::Rd2txt + cli + crayon + prettycode

rdoc can also be used in console sessions whereby the output will be interactively printed by section to avoid flooding it with too much text. The <enter> keypress will print the next section and any other keypress will exit the interaction without printing the remaining sections. This can be disabled via options (see below).




Customising rdoc output is possible via options:

# text formats - defaults to rdoc_text_formats()
options(rdoc.text_formats = rdoc::rdoc_text_formats(pkg = crayon::cyan))

# doc style - defaults to rdoc_style()
options(rdoc.style = rdoc::rdoc_style(arguments = function(x) paste0("@", x)))

# item bullet style to pass to tools::Rd2txt
options(rdoc.item_bullet = ">> ")

#whether to include a package header, defaults to TRUE
options(rdoc.header = FALSE)

#whether output be split by sections for non-terminal usage, defaults to TRUE
options(rdoc.by_section = FALSE)

base replacements

help and ? can be overridden via:


Resetting is possible with:



contributions/suggestions welcome!