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r2rtf is an R package to create production-ready tables and figures in RTF format. The package is designed with these principles:

The R for clinical study reports and submission book provides tutorials by using real world examples.


You can install the package via CRAN:


Or, install from GitHub:


Highlighted features

The R package r2rtf provides flexibility to enable features below:

Simple example


head(iris) %>%
  rtf_body() %>% # Step 1 Add attributes
  rtf_encode() %>% # Step 2 Convert attributes to RTF encode
  write_rtf(file = "ex-tbl.rtf") # Step 3 Write to a .rtf file
Click here to see the output

Example efficacy table

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Example safety table

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If you use this software, please cite it as below.

Wang, S., Ye, S., Anderson, K., & Zhang, Y. (2020). r2rtf—an R Package to Produce Rich Text Format (RTF) Tables and Figures. PharmaSUG. https://www.pharmasug.org/proceedings/2020/DV/PharmaSUG-2020-DV-198.pdf

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