ordr 0.1.1

linewidth aesthetic (breaking change)

An upcoming release of ggplot2 controls stroke width using the new linewidth aesthetic rather than size. This ordr release adapts to this change internally for GeomUnitCircle and by updating row and column layers automatically adapted from ggplot2. (#50)

class ‘eigen’

Methods are added for the ‘eigen’ class returned by eigen(), and the internal eigen_ord() function and its methods are updated accordingly.

list tidiers (breaking change)

The previous version extended the ‘list’ method for broom’s tidy() and glance() functions to recognize the output of cmdscale() and of cancor(). These have been spun off to a nascent helper package, broom.list, to reduce size and prevent attachment warnings.

ordr 0.1.0

In addition to minor changes, the following substantive changes are made from v0.0.2:


The column names of augment_ord() and tidy() outputs are no longer prefixed by periods.

list tidiers

A new list tidier for cancor() output is introduced.


Tools to negate a subset of artificial dimensions, adapted from the sandboxed set of alignment tools, are provided.

convenience function

The ordinate() function is now a generic with methods for four data classes.


The logical prediction parameter is replaced with the character-valued axis.type, based on the ax.type parameter used in UBbipl (Gower, Gardner–Lubbe, & le Roux, 2011).


Unit tests are overhauled to remove contexts, omit ad hoc tests, standardize method tests, and cover additional methods.


The term ‘accessor’, used to refer to S3 class methods to recover standardized model components, has been changed to ‘recoverer’.

ordr 0.0.2

This pre-release makes several substantive changes in preparation for CRAN submission.

element types

Annotation of active and supplementary elements is standardized: The character augmentation .element replaces the logical .supplement, and class methods either omit it entirely (when all retrieved elements are active) or include it in both row and column augmentation (when either includes supplementary elements). The value of .element is either ‘active’ or a type of supplement, e.g. ‘score’.


Extraneous dependencies are dropped to reduce overhead. This takes two forms:

  1. Methods for classes from specialty (lower-priority) packages (candisc and ca) are moved to ordr.extra and replaced with methods for classes from higher-priority packages (stats and MASS).
  2. One-off uses of specialty packages for examples and vignettes are replaced.


The Description field in DESCRIPTION is expanded and documentation throughout is slightly revised, including some new references.

ordr 0.0.1

This is a pre-release in anticipation of a first CRAN submission. Upgrades between this pre-release and CRAN submission will focus on addressing issues.