A minimum-dependency R interface to the NHL API.

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{nhlapi} is an R package that provides functionality to retrieve and process the data exposed by the open NHL API. This includes information on players, teams, games, tournaments, drafts, standings, schedules and other endpoints. A lower-level interface to access the data via URLs directly is also provided. See below for a full list of endpoints.


You can install {nhlapi} from CRAN:


You can also install the latest development version from the master branch on GitHub using the {remotes} or {devtools} packages:

# With remotes

# Or with devtools

Use and develop with Docker

The Docker image jozefhajnala/nhlapi has RStudio and a set of useful packages for both interactive use of the {nhlapi} package and its development.

Running the following command and opening localhost:8787 in a web browser should open RStudio with a setup ready for analysis and development. Login user is rstudio and password is pass:

# Password can be changed by changing the PASSWORD option below:
# If you need root permissions, add `-e ROOT=true`
docker run --rm -p 8787:8787 -e PASSWORD=pass jozefhajnala/nhlapi


We retrieve the data from the NHL API by calling the functions exported by the {nhlapi} package. They start with nhl_ so you can easily find them with auto-complete in your favorite editor:

nhlapi Preview

In-depth look at use

The package’s vignettes provide a more detailed overview of some of the functionality:

Implemented API endpoints

Major endpoints

Minor endpoints

Metadata endpoints


Thanks go to Drew Hynes for documenting this so well on GitLab.

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