nat.templatebrains 1.1

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nat.templatebrains 1.0

nat.templatebrains 0.9

nat.templatebrains 0.8

This is another major version bump since there is significant new/changed behaviour in xform_brain brain and friends which will now tag transformed objects with a registration template space. This means that nat functions will typically not be need to told the space of an object such as a neuron list in many cases, but some objects will have a new regtemplate attribute.

nat.templatebrains 0.7

This is the first public release since 0.6.2 and there are some significant changes under the hood, hence the major version bump.

nat.templatebrains 0.6.4

nat.templatebrains 0.6.3

nat.templatebrains 0.6.2

nat.templatebrains 0.6.1

nat.templatebrains 0.6

nat.templatebrains 0.5

nat.templatebrains 0.4.1

nat.templatebrains 0.4

nat.templatebrains 0.3

nat.templatebrains 0.2