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The goal of babelmixr2 is to convert nlmixr2 syntax to other commonly used tools.


You can install the released version of babelmixr2 from CRAN with:


You can install from r-universe by:

# Download and install babelmixr2 in R
                 repos = c(
                   nlmixr2 = '',
                   CRAN = ''))

Otherwise you can always install from GitHub:

What you can do with babelmixr2

Babelmixr2 can help you by:

Monolix Setup

While not required, you can get/install the R ‘lixoftConnectors’ package in the ‘Monolix’ installation, as described at the following url When ‘lixoftConnectors’ is available, R can run ‘Monolix’ directly instead of using a command line.


After installed, if you use the standard interface, you can obtain new initial estimates with PKNCA:

mod <-
    nlmixrFun, nlmmixrData, est = "pknca",
    control = pkncaControl(concu = "ng/mL", doseu = "mg", timeu = "hr", volumeu = "L")

or, you can convert to Monolix with

mod <- nlmixr(nlmixrFun, nlmmixrData, est="monolix")

or, you can convert to NONMEM with

mod <- nlmixr(nlmixrFun, nlmmixrData, est="nonmem")