R package for Flexible dot plots


The FlexDotPlot package can be installed from GitHub by running



The FlexDotPlot package takes a data frame as input: the first two columns contain the two factors to spread along the x and y axes followed by the corresponding quantitative and/or qualitative data to be displayed :

Users can specify which factor to display on the doplot and how each factor should be displayed :



The FlexDotPlot package contains the following functions :

1- The dot_plot() function to generate dot plot with command line. Function help is available with help(“dot_plot”).

Have a look on the FlexDotPlot tutorial or on the scripts to reproduce the article figures to see how we can use this function in details.

2- The Shiny_dot_plot() function to generate dot plot in an interactive way with a Shiny application.

3- The rotate_dot_plot_dendrogram() function to rotate dendrograms from dot_plot outputs.


Here are some plots generated with FlexDotPlot (scripts to reproduce the figures)


Simon Leonard, Aurélie Lardenois, Karin Tarte, Antoine Rolland, Frédéric Chalmel,

FlexDotPlot: a universal and modular dot plot visualization tool for complex multifaceted data,

Bioinformatics Advances, 2022;, vbac019, https://doi.org/10.1093/bioadv/vbac019

See also the FlexDotPlot_paper repository to get the scripts used for analysis and figure generation in the FlexDotPlot paper


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